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Vintage Comic Books

Writing Dialogue with Subtext


 Two inanimate objects (e.g. pants/belt, car/garage, cup/saucer) are having a conversation.

Object one is jealous of something object two can do.

Object two thinks object one should stop complaining and focus on their strengths.

Show the characters differing outlooks through subtext (don’t write their conflict directly).

Let their action and emotions create tension as they skirt around the real issues.

The Writing:

Using dialogue only, write half a page of conversation between the characters.

Writing Dialogue to Reveal Character


Two friends are browsing in a department store when one slips an item into their pocket.

The Writing:

Write three half-page conversations (dialogue) between the friends and, through what they say to each other, convey the following range of emotions: 

1. surprise, admiration, encouragement.

2. shock, fear, guilt.

3. anger, judgement, resentment.

Select gestures and facial expressions to assist with conveying the emotions; use only 'said/asked/replied'
for the attribution, and avoid exclamation marks: show through actions, description, and the dialogue.

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