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Vintage Comic Books

Plot Development Exercise


1. Choose three plot events from the table.


2. Place them in a logical sequence.


3. Write the opening paragraphs to a story that includes all three plot events.


A flat tyre

Flying a kite

Stomach cramps

Eating ice-cream

A small child crying

A gunshot

Throwing a handful of...

Avoiding a best friend

Lighting a fire

A cracked mirror


A sudden downpour

A blackout

Waking from a dream

Saying goodbye

A balloon floating away

Missing the bus

Computer crash

A stranger at the door

Giving a gift

The last chocolate


A broken shoe

Love at first sight

Picking flowers

A growling dog

Finding ten dollars

Arriving in New York

Telling a blatant lie

Dancing in a storm

Posting a letter

Missing a deadline

Write a one page scene based on the image above and the following prompts:


How long have you been on the planet?

Why did you go there?

Describe the two people who are with you.

Why/how is your spaceship damaged?

When you decided to leave your ship, how far did you walk?

What were you looking for?

When did you realise that something was following you?

Describe the creature.

While you were running away, you tripped and fell. What happened?

What was the big surprise you encountered at end of this experience?

Image from Pixabay

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