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Creative Writing Exercises

Free-writing Grammar Exercise

These prompts are provided for teachers

who would like to assist students with honing their creative writing skills.

We hope you find them fun and useful for growing creativity.

Please acknowledge CWEP as the source of these materials.


1. Write a list of five topics of interest.


2. Write for two minutes on the first topic.

If the writing stops, start again with topic two.

Continue until two full minutes of writing is achieved.


3. Swap writing and highlight mistakes.

Return to the writer for re-writing.


4. Discuss nouns, verbs, and sentence types

(simple, compound, complex, compound-complex).

Find an example of these in the writing.


5. Discuss punctuation. Correct if required.

Object Writing Exercise

1. Choose an object from the room.

2. In bullet points:

add three magical properties

add who made it

add where/when is it now

add who has it

add who wants it

add what happens if it is used wrongly/gets into the wrong hands


3. Write three paragraphs describing the object being made.


4. Write a scene between who has the object and who wants the object.

Combining the Real & the Fantastic


1. Choose a form of transport from the real world: mechanical or organic.


2. Make one dramatic/weird change to its behaviour/operation.


3. Shift the mode of transport to an unexpected setting (e.g. in space, under the ocean, in a volcano!).


4. Create a character.


5. Imagine!


6. Write a few paragraphs of story that includes the character, the mode of transport,
and the unexpected setting.

Free-write Sci-fi Prompt

Much of the time, the robot seemed to be preoccupied, as if it were...'thinking.'

Robot dreaming.jpg

Image form Pixabay

Write whatever comes to mind in response to this prompt. Write for five minutes without stopping.

Don’t worry about punctuation, spelling or grammar – just write.

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