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Story Ideas

 ‘Short Story Ideas’, Creative Writing Now, W Victor

Finding Story Topics When Stuck: 5 Simple Methods’ Now Novel

200+ Short Story Ideas and How to Come up with Your Own’, Reedsy Blog


Top One Hundred Story Ideas', The Write Practice, J Bunting


25 Plot Twist Ideas and Prompts for Writers’, Writer’s Digest, R L Brewer

Investigating the Short Fiction Form


The Craft of Writing “Great” Short Fiction’, Fiction Southeast Journal, E Herbert-Goodall

'How to Write Killer Endings’, Carve Magazine, M Zadig

Stories in Your Pocket: How to Write Flash Fiction’, D Gaffney


How to Write an Amazing Short Story’, A Boorman


How to Write a Good Short Story’, Open Culture, K Vonnegut

Plot and Structure

Story Structure: 7 Narrative Structures All Writers Should Know’, Reedsy Blog


The Smart Way to Open a Story’, Medium, C Baxter


What is Plot? How to Build Your Story from Beginning to End’, Creative Writing Now, W Victor


How to Structure a Story’, Author Learning Centre

A Writer’s Cheat-Sheet to Plot and Structure’, The Write Practice, M Herron


33 Ways to Write Stronger Characters’, Well Storied, K Kieffer

Writing Fiction: Bring Your Characters to Life’, The Creative Penn, R Morris


Pro Tips for Avoiding Clichéd Characters in Fiction’, The Writer, J Smith


How to Create Nuanced Characters’, Live Write Thrive, N Schuyler


Static Characters vs. Dynamic Characters’,, S Glatch

Showing vs Telling


Showing vs. Telling’, Writer’s Digest, R Biederman

Showing and Telling and Trusting the Reader’, Lit Reactor, J Isard

Show Don’t Tell: Emotions, Moods and Reactions’, Editor's Quill, J Moy


Showing and Telling in Scenes and Dialogue’, Writer’s Digest, J Friedman


4 Ways to Deal with Narrative Summaries’, Fiction Notes, D Pattison

Point of View

How to Leverage Point of View to Power Your Story’, The Write Practice, J Chase


The Ultimate Point of View Guide’, The Write Practice, J Bunting


Points of View in Fiction Writing’, Jerichoe Writers, H Bingham


The Basics of Point of View for Fiction Writers’, Jane Friedman Blog, J Bates


Point of View in 2021: Third Person Omniscient vs. Third Person Limited vs. First Person’,
The Write Practice, J Bunting


How to Write Dialogue that Dazzles your Readers’, The Write Practice, J Chase

9 Easily Preventable Mistakes Writers Make with Dialogue’, The Creative Penn, A Luke


How to Write Incredible Dialogue’, Well Storied, K Kieffer


9 Easily Preventable Mistakes Writers Make with Dialogue’, The Creative Penn, J Penn


Talk it Out: How to Punctuate Dialogue in Your Prose’, Lit Reactor, T Houston

Working with Theme

The “Iceberg Theory” of Writing’, A Headlee

Writers on Writing: Pesky Themes will Emerge When You’re Not Looking’, The New York Times, D Johnson


How Great Writers Develop the Theme of a Story’ Freewrite Blog


What a Story Believes in: Thematic Argument’, Creative Screenwriting, M W Schock


What is Theme?’, The Editor’s Blog, B Hill

Language, Structure, Expression,& Grammar

How to Write Descriptively’, Ted-ed, YouTube, N Hopkinson

Concise Writing: How to Omit Needless Words’,, S Glatch

Fine Tuning Your Writing to be Concise and Specific’, Live Write Thrive, C S Larkin


One Word Leads to the Next: Unconventional Conjunctive Devices’, Lit Reactor, C Palahniuk


Using Plain Language in Speculative Fiction’, Lit Reactor, J Isard

Literary Devices

Literary Devices’: This site provides an extensive list (and definition/s) of literary terms. 


Literary Terms’: Another fabulous site with the meaning of literary terms clearly explained. 

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